UCL Qatar

[Rebecca] has led over a number of seasons the implementation of my Community Engagement strategies, organising meetings, communicating with diverse communities, training Sudanese students and doing the ‘PR’ for the project.

As a team leader and as a team member she is helpful, supportive and well organised. Her reports are timely and detailed and have provided a huge amount of information from which I have successfully developed my strategies. From our first contact I have been particularly impressed with her professionalism and ambition, and her dedication to producing outstanding and excellently presented research.

Rebecca’s academic capabilities, including her ability to carry out and present literature reviews, design and implement pertinent research strategies, analyse the data and produce publications, are impressive.

Her desire to engage with and develop her academic network, for example through conference organisation, attendance and presentations, is also particularly noteworthy.

I enjoy our interactions very much on a personal and on a professional level, as evidenced by my continued efforts to engage Rebecca to work as an integral member of my team in Sudan and in Qatar. I believe Rebecca’s regionally and academically relevant background knowledge and experience position her perfectly for a number of positions.

I wish more of my team were as academically competent, professionally dedicated and generally very nice to work with. In summary, I highly recommend Rebecca and am sure she would be an incredibly valuable member of any team.

Dr Jane Humphris
Director, British Institute in Eastern Africa
(Formerly Head of Sudan Research, UCL Qatar)

I have known Rebecca since 2011, before she worked at UCL Qatar, when we were working at Sesebi with the University of Cambridge. From the moment we met I saw that she was the most amazing archaeologist and a wonderful colleague. She has since become one of my best friends.

She is tough, patient, and passionate about working hard and learning everything she can. She was easily the favourite person in the team and among the local community: she was the spirit of the team.

Dr Amal Hassan
Senior Inspector, National Corporation of Antiquities and Museums, Sudan

I worked with Dr. Rebecca Bradshaw as part of the archaeometallurgical research project conducted by UCL Qatar in Sudan.

During this time, she led the Community Engagement team and fulfilled her duties in the best way possible. Dr. Bradshaw was always dedicated and hardworking. Her unique personality as well as her excellent experience made every member of the local communities treat her as one of their own, and she always motivated them to be engaged in the project.

On the level of the team, Dr. Bradshaw always showed support and helped all colleagues whenever possible, she was enthusiastic to learn from everyone and employ that knowledge in the context of her work. I really look forward to working with Dr. Bradshaw again if the possibility arose, and I would highly recommend her as an excellent addition to any institution.

Fareed Al-Shishani
Conservation Technologist, Qatar National Library
(Formerly Research Associate, UCL Qatar)